Body Corporate


We provide long term maintenance reports that are actually useful to our clients. Feedback we received from our clients has been that many Bodies Corporate received reports which had been compiled in a hurry to comply with the Unit Titles Act and which contained little by way of useful content.

Our reports come will full projected costings to allow funding to be planned for the years ahead. They allow for pragmatic thinking where we will group works together into one year if this will have a cost benefit to building owners. We acknowledge the knock on effect one area of maintenance may have on the projected life span elsewhere on the building.

Maintenance of your property is important to maintain value and reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected costs.


We have extensive experience in providing investigation services of buildings suffering from construction related defects and “leaky buildings”. This experience ranges from single storey houses to multi storey complexes, and commercial, industrial and educational buildings.

We can produce a range of reports to suit your requirements.

In the case of a potential legal claim, we will produce a full report showing both the cause of and the damage associated with the defects. This document will form the basis of our expert role in any legal claim.

Where the building is not subject to a legal claim, we will conduct an investigation to assess the extent of damage in order to advise on the scope of repair works that are necessary. This information can be used to form estimated construction costs at an early stage.

We have been engaged by claimants on claims up to the value of $25,000,000 and have stood as Expert Witness in High Court. We are recognised building experts in this field.


We can lead your remedial and new build architectural design solutions.

– Consented drawings
– Tender and Analysis
– Contract Negotiation
– Contract Administration
– QA Inspections and sign off.

If your project requires it, we will work with Project Managers to help reduce overall construction costs.


When utilising our design services, we can be appointed as Engineer to the Contract for the construction works. This is an independent role where we work for fair execution of the contract and have no bias to either party involved within the contract.

As part of this role, we will advise you on areas of building quality, project cost and time.