Whether you are a potential purchaser, or an existing building owner looking to sell your commercial property, we are able to assist you in maximising the potential of the asset through our Technical Due Diligence (TDD).

Potential purchasers are able to discuss their requirements with us so we can provide a bespoke inspection and reporting service. Typical reporting areas would be the condition of the roof, external fabric and services. We can formulate likely future expenditure required to maintain the building along with life cycle costings. Clarity on future likely issues provides a great negotiation tool prior to purchase.

Our broader service can include analysis of the internal space to maximize the lettable area and adaptability of the building for future change of use. This would signal any major renovations possibly required to confirm with legal statute.


When utilising our design services, we can be appointed as Engineer to the Contract for the construction works. This is an independent role where we work for fair execution of the contract and have no bias to either party involved within the contract. As part of this role, we will advise you on areas of building quality, project cost and time.

We perform a full building inspection and review of the lease conditions to provide you with an indepth schedule of repairs and reinstatement to be carried out at the end of the lease term.


If you have reason to believe your tenant is not abiding by the conditions of their tenancy, we will perform an interim inspection to document what clauses are not being met. This document can then be used to implement reinstatement prior to the end of the lease term.


We act as your representative in discussions over the costs or reinstatement works required in order for your property to be brought back to a state in accordance with the lease provisions.


We provide long term maintenance reports that are actually useful to our clients. Feedback that we have received from our clients has been that many Body Corporate got reports that were of very low value and rushed through the door in order to comply with the Unit Titles Act. These had little by way of useful content.

Our reports come will full projected costings to allow funding to be planned for the years ahead. They allow for pragmatic thinking where we will group works together into one year if this will have a cost benefit to building owners. We acknowledge the knock on effect one area of maintenance may have on the projected life span elsewhere on the building.

Maintenance of your property is important to maintain value and reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected costs.


At the commencement of your lease, we will provide you with a concise document showing the condition of the property at the beginning of the lease. This document can then be used to form part of the Lease Agreement in order to reduce potential dispute at the termination of the lease.


Whether you are looking to renovate or redevelop an existing building, AS Jacobs can assist with sound technical advice. We offer technical feasibility studies to confirm if your project is achievable and in compliance with the New Zealand Building Code.

We can work with your architect or other design professional offering our technical expertise to help your construction project achieve great results.

AS Jacobs’ personnel is experienced in tendering construction projects, administering construction contracts, developing and monitoring appropriate quality assurance plans.