New Build Development


Are you looking to redevelop an existing property? Early attention to what works are required in order to achieve your ultimate outcome are critical. AS Jacobs has a full understanding of the requirements set out in the Building Code and what work will or will not likely be permitted by the Local Authority. We can combine this work with our Technical Due Diligence service.


Do you have an interest in a new development, but no direct control? We will monitor the design and construction teams and comment on acquisition matters, statutory consent issues, competency of the developing contractor, any development agreements that may be in place, quality of design and construction and cost/time programming. We give you the information you need to assess your risk.


When utilising our design services, we can be appointed as Engineer to the Contract for the construction works. This is an independent role where we work for fair execution of the contract and have no bias to either party involved within the contract. As part of this role, we will advise you on areas of building quality, project cost and time.